The Story

Published by The Guardian and produced in association with Amnesty International , Life on Hold is an intimate portrait of Omar, a 17 year old stranded in a refugee camp since the 2011 war in Libya. The film offers a unique perspective of one person amongst thousands waiting for a chance to start their life again in a safe country. When war broke in Libya, thousands of refugees from countries such as Somalia, Sudan, and Eritrea, who were living in or transiting through the country at the time, were forced to flee for their lives yet again. Omar was one of thousands of refugees waiting in refugee camps along the Tunisian and Egyptian borders unable to return home.

Part 1

Part 2

In the second part of the story, Rain is Beautiful, we meet Omar on his last day at the camp and follow up through to his first few days in Sandviken in northern Sweden where he starts a new life.

Directed by Nick Francis and Marc Silver.